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When you’re searching for “Floor Restoration Phoenix” Desert Coatings has the ability to restore the glorious shine to any type of flooring.  Every type of flooring degrades as it is walked on, equipment is rolled over it, and it ages.  The coatings wear thinner and there can be buildup of dirt and debris which makes it look old and dirty.  These floors do not necessarily need to be replaced when restoring them will save property owners money.  Many times the old coatings simply need to be stripped and new coatings applied. Our floor restoration service will return your floors at your residential or commercial property to their original beauty and save you money in not having to replace the flooring!

Floor Restoration Advantages

  • Refresh & Renew Your Floors
  • Saves Money Over Replacing Flooring
  • Durable Sealant Coatings
  • Non-Slip Safe Surfaces

Floor restoration will return your flooring to its original welcoming bright and shiny appearance that welcomes your guests.

Types Of Floors We Restore

Desert Coatings offers floor restoration services for concrete flooring and epoxy coatings.  We can remove any flooring type and provide new textured concrete overlay flooring you need.  In addition we offer decorative concrete floor coating systems which are as visually attractive as they are durable.

Floor Stripping & Cleaning

The first step in restoring your flooring is removing the layers of buildup and old protective sealant coatings.  We use the right tools and products to safely remove these layers to start fresh with a clean and beautiful surface that’s ready for a new refreshed look.

Resealing & Painting

After the stripping and cleaning is done we will reseal your flooring to provide a protective non-slip coating which is durable and safe for your home or business.  Floor painting services offer customized looks and options for safety areas and walkways to be included in your facility.  The products we use to restore your flooring are durable and reliable.  Customer service and satisfaction is our goal and our team is ready to impress at each and every floor restoration job.


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