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If you are searching for “Concrete Polishing Phoenix“, “Concrete Polishing Companies Near Me“, “Concrete Floor Grinding Contractors“, “Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors” or “Polished Concrete Floors“, Desert Floor Coatings can help! Desert Floor Coatings specializes in residential and commercial polished concrete floors and offers installation in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale or anywhere else in the Phoenix Valley. Get a free quote by giving us a call today at  1-877-872-0722

Concrete Floor Polishing Services Phoenix Valleywide

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Desert Coatings does all types of polished concrete floors including: exposed aggregate grind and polish, concrete coloring and polished concrete, concrete floor grind and seals, polishing of gray concrete floors and integral colored concrete floors, grinding of unlevel concrete floors and grinding of battered concrete floors for forklift traffic movement. Although this is a highly industrial concrete floor system, it has become extremely popular to polish concrete in homes and has become a viable option for your garage floor.

We have over 10 polishing machines as well as other types of concrete floor cleaning equipment. Each concrete polishing machine has the capability of completing 2500 to 3000 square feet of concrete polishing per step per hour.

To give you a breakdown of our capacity: On 10,000 square feet of level concrete floor that requires no concrete grinding, we could complete 5 passes (3000 grit) of polished concrete with 1 machine in approximately 20 hours. We give a 2 year warranty on your polished concrete floor.

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Floor Polishing

Endurosil’s Concrete Floor Polishing System is a new concrete polishing system that utilizes the correct combination of equipment, chemicals and tooling which gives the building owner complete quality control over their own concrete floor.  Endurosil refines the concrete slab utilizing colloidal silica, a cutting chemical and a RA Meter to guarantee results. If the concrete slab does not pass specific numbers on the RA meter; the flooring installer doesn’t continue to the next step. It is a simple process that will guaranteed results.

This concrete floor polishing system works perfect for Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Processing Plants, Fire Stations, Distribution Facilities, Airplane Hangars, Parking Structures as well as retail situations and various showrooms.

Level 1 Grinding: (Optional) If the concrete floor is excessively worn and in need of some extreme leveling or the customer wants a fully exposed aggregate   floor. The process includes grinding the concrete with a 6 grit metal bond, then a 16 grit metal bond, then a 30 grit metal bond diamond and then a 60 grit metal bond diamond.

Level 2 Grinding: (Optional) If the floor has only minor imperfections, in need of minor leveling or the customer wants a salt and pepper exposed aggregate floor. This step includes grinding concrete with 30 grit metal bond diamond and then a 60 grit metal bond diamond.

Patching & Grouting:  (Optional) Our state-of-the-art floor patching and micro pore grouting system.

Hone Step:  Hone Concrete with the H1 Metal Bond. The RA Meter Reading must 150 or lower.

Polishing Step 1:  Polish the Concrete with our Step 1 diamond and Endurosil Cutting Agent at a rate of 500 sq feet per gallon.

Polishing Step 2:  Polish the Concrete with our Step 2 diamond and Endurosil Cutting Agent at a rate of 500 sq feet per gallon. The RA Meter Reading must 50 or lower.

Chemical Application Step 1:  Install XL Concrete Hardener at a rate of 500 sq feet per gallon.

Polishing Step 3: Polishing Step 3 Dry.

Enduro Dye:  (Optional) If color is desired, Install Enduro Dye.

Enduro Guard:  Install Enduro Guard at a rate of 2000 to 3000 sq feet per   gallon.

Burnishing: Burnish with the Endurosil Burnishing Pad by utilizing a propane burnisher with revolutions of at least 2000 RPM’s. RA Meter Reading should be approaching 0. A RA Meter reading of 10 is an acceptable finish.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Stronger & harder than other types of floor finishing
  • Does not flake, peal or lift
  • Surface is dense to prevent absorption of contaminants and oil
  • Great for resisting tire marks due to forklifts and other traffic
  • No vapor / hydrostatic pressure issues
  • Levels out your flooring
  • Lower initial installation cost than other flooring coatings
  • Low maintenance means less money out of pocket
  • Can choose many different colors

Free Concrete Polishing Quotes In Phoenix

Give us a call today at (877) 872-0722 if your would like to receive a free concrete polishing quote in Phoenix or any of the sourounding cities. Our service area includes: Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City and more.


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