New Epoxy Floor Trends
Written by Craig B

New Epoxy Floor Trends

Broadcast Flakes

Sometimes the best trend is the tried and true epoxy methods. Broadcast flakes are a classic choice for warehouses, garages, hospitals and other similar settings. They are simple to install, look professional, and help the epoxy be non-slip.

Random Embedded Objects

One of the fun aspects of epoxy is that you can embed objects in it. A major trend is to embed unique objects into epoxy floors. People have used pennies, shells, bottle caps, sea glass, sand, rocks, pictures, and most any other smaller object they can think of.

Glitter Epoxy

Glitter epoxy is totally fabulous and is a huge trend right now. There are large glitter and small glitter broadcast flakes, as well as holographic glitter. Each produces a different effect. There are also many colors to choose from. This is an amazing way to add some real pizazz to your floor.

3D Epoxy

3D epoxy has been a growing trend, and it is only gaining in popularity. A lot of people love creating a dramatic looking floor using 3D epoxy. You can make the floor look like it is caving into a bottomless hole, or like a shark is jumping out to grab the person standing on the floor. You can also pick a more serene floor, such as the beach.


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