Metallic Flooring

Metallic Floor Coatings create a visually stunning highly durable epoxy floor coating system.  These floor coatings are excellent for both residential and commercial floor improvement and restoration purposes.  When metallic pigments are added to the flooring it adds visual interest, depth, and a completely unique and custom look.  Our clients enjoy being able to have the marble look without having to pay the marble prices.  This is an excellent option for any residential or commercial property which wants to have a visually attractive and durable flooring system. Receive a free Metallic flooring quote, by giving us a call today at (877) 872-0722

Endurosil Epoxy Metallic Flooring

Our Epoxy Metallic Flooring System by Endurosil, is a truly unique epoxy flooring system that utilizes self-leveling epoxy and metallic pearlescent pigments to give you a 3 dimensional flooring appearance.  Our Epoxy Metallic is a medium build flooring system that is durable but not meant to withstand high abuse and impact.

Metallic Floor Coating Advantages

  • Unique Custom Look
  • Durable Surface
  • Wide Variety Of Colors
  • Easy To Clean & Care For

Metallic floor coatings offer your home or business flooring with character and depth. Options can be as mild or wild as you wish!

Metallic Floor Coating Applications

Metallic floor coatings offer an exciting and custom look to any facility that has concrete or hard surface flooring.  Some popular metallic floor coating properties include retail, residential, or commercial buildings along with showrooms, garage floors, office buildings, airplane hangers, restaurants, recreation rooms, hotels, reception areas, salons, and anywhere else where high impact or abrasion is not a concern.

Metallic Floor Coating Colors

There is a wide range of colors you can choose for your metallic floor coating.  Colors range from black and white to metals such as steel, aluminum, and bronze.  Earth tones and bright colors such as blue, brown, green, reds and much more is available to offer our valued customers the flexibility to create the custom look they want for their business.


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