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Industrial Flooring Systems are designed to provide durable flooring for the busy conditions and traffic that is common at industrial facilities.  Over time these floors settle, are used, and eventually need repair, restoration, or replacement. Desert Coatings provides complete industrial flooring services.  We can repair cracks, restore industrial flooring with polishing, epoxy coatings, and floor painting.  The industrial flooring products we use create a non-slip safe surface for your business and can include any walkway or safety lines that are needed at your facility.

Industrial Flooring Benefits

  • Durable Floor Coatings
  • Safe Non-Slip Surfaces
  • Walkway & Safety Line Painting
  • Cracked Floor Restoration

Our team restores and protects industrial flooring so operations and business can operate up to its full potential.

Restoration & Polishing

We can restore your industrial flooring through a process of repair, resurfacing, and polishing your floors. Traffic, time, and even cleaning wears flooring out and causes sealant layers to break down.  Floors naturally settle over time and cracks appear.  Our restoration includes repairing the floor and returning it to being a visually attractive and safe industrial surface for your facility.

Epoxy Coatings & Floor Painting

Quality epoxy coatings and floor paints offer a layer of sealant and protection for industrial flooring. The epoxy provides a long lasting durable coating which keeps floors looking great and resisting the activity, chemicals, and cleaning that is common in industrial settings. Floors coated with quality floor paint or epoxy are also easier to care for and keep clean.


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