Epoxy Chip Flooring


Epoxy Chip Flooring is an excellent option for both commercial and residential flooring systems. It is visually attractive, seamless, durable and best of all economical.  Many buildings have heavy traffic which restricts some of the traditional decorative flooring options.  Chip flooring is heavy duty, durable, and an visually attractive option.  Chip flooring gives property owners the option to install decorative flooring which will provide a durable and long lasting safe surface to conduct operations and business. Receive a free Epoxy chip flooring quote, by giving us a call today at (877) 872-0722.

Endurosil Epoxy Chip Flooring

Description: Our Endurosil Epoxy Full Broadcast Chip is a high-build vinyl paint chip flooring system. It provides a easy-to-clean yet tough surface that is chemical, abrasion and impact resistant.

Uses: Epoxy Full Broadcast Chip System is most suitable for light manufacturing areas, automotive service areas, warehouses and laboratories. It is a low-odor and low-VOC system due to it’s 100% solids resin, .

Chip Flooring Advantages

  • • Highly Durable Flooring System
  • • Economical Flooring Option
  • • Wide Variety Of Colors
  • • Easy To Clean & Low Maintenance

The chip flooring we install will give your property the custom decorative look without compromising the durability you need.

Common Areas For Chip Flooring

Chip flooring is a hugely popular flooring system for high traffic areas such as lobbies, break rooms, clean rooms, classrooms, changing rooms, and dining areas.  It is also widely used for medical areas like clinic reception areas, exam rooms, operating rooms, dialysis areas, and pharmacies.  Chip flooring is sealed with urethane coatings which make it a great option for any high traffic area that needs an incredibly durable and long lasting floor coating.

Chip Flooring Options

Chip flooring is constructed from 100% solids epoxy and decorative chips.  The chips can vary in size and color giving property owners or managers the ability to choose the look they want for their flooring.  Desert flooring offers a wide variety of colors to choose from for chip flooring and will help find the best fit for your property.


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