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Stamped Vertical Concrete Overlays are a great way to add new decorative finishes to existing vertical surfaces such as pillars, columns, and walls.  These vertical stamped overlays can be applied to existing concrete vertical surfaces, brick, masonry, drywall and even cement board. With our stamping tools, training, and experience we will apply the new layer of concrete to these surfaces and use vertical stamping tools, textures, and tools to create a custom look for your home or business. Your vertical stamped overlay can be acid stained, and colored to fit your preferences and the look of your property.

Vertical Concrete Overlay Benefits

  • Custom Overlay Look
  • Protect Walls & Structures
  • Colored To Match
  • Textured Customized Look

Our overlays renew and refresh the look of your commercial or residential property.

Patterns & Textures

The walls, columns, and other vertical surfaces inside and outside your commercial or residential property can be customized with the patterns and textures we have.  The concrete is installed on these surfaces and can be customized to look like brick, stone, or rock.  The combination of hand applied textures and wide range of patterns offers our customers the custom textured look they desire.

Colors & Pigments

Concrete naturally comes in grey or white but can be customized to with pigments and colored to match your style, building, and color pallet.  To match the appearance of the natural look or building materials the pattern is designed to replicate colors can be matched to provide the concrete with right appearance. This means you can have the durability and strength of concrete but the color correct appearance of stone, rock, brick, and more.


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