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Stamped Concrete Overlays are a great way to give your old beat up floor a new lease on life.  To create a stamped concrete overlay a fresh layer of cement is laid and then stamped with texture.  There are many texture skins which resemble stone, rock, tile, brick, river rock and much more.  The concrete naturally comes in either white or gray but you can have it stained or colored to create a totally custom look.  You can customize your stamped concrete overlay floor with the patterns, acid stain, dyes, and pigments.  We install stamped concrete overlays in quarter or half inch thicknesses depending on the surroundings to the floor and the texture desired.

Custom Concrete Overlay Apperance

  • Textured Concrete Flooring
  • Acid Staining
  • Pigmented Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete Overlays

Options for creating the look that flatters your property and fits in with your look, style, and preferences.

Patterns & Textures

While a simple slab of concrete gets the job done we can do more with your floors.  You can have the appearance of natural flooring products with the durability and benefits of concrete.  We can use stamps, patterns, and textures to create a completely custom look.  We can use texture skins which give your concrete the visual appearance of natural and premium building materials. These include stone, rock, tile, brick, river rock and many more.

Colors & Pigments

The standard color of concrete is either white or grey, adding some color to the concrete through pigments and dyes makes the concrete take on new life.  It will more closely resemble the rock, brick, tile or stone look you are seeking when colors are added to the concrete.  We will help you choose colors which will fit in with your current decorating color pallet and ensure that the new look of your floor fits in.


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